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11 Redhead Beauty Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep in 2022

Anyone else wait a few weeks to make serious resolutions? ?

Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make real progress towards a goal you’ve been wanting to reach. One of our favorite types of resolutions are redhead beauty resolutions. These resolutions can help you easily obtain beauty goals you’ve had and here are some tips to help you get started: 

Skincare & Makeup

  • Improve your Skincare Routine – Make sure your skincare routine is up to snuff and make sure you aren’t making any of the common skincare mistakes.
  • Keep Up on Sun Protection – In 2022, make a resolution to keep up on sun protection. It’s important to protect your skin year-round, so apply SPF daily!
  • Prevent Signs of Aging – Reduce signs of aging with the right skincare products. 
  • Up Your Makeup Game – Try some new trends and up your makeup game for 2022! Invest in your redhead brows and get Finally Have Brows. 

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Healthy Hair 

  • Grow Your Hair – If you’re focusing on hair growth this year, try reducing heat, increasing scalp stimulation, and introducing vitamins and nutrients into your diet that help promote hair growth.
  • Find a New Style – Is 2022 the year of a new style for you? Find inspo to take to your stylist for curly hair, short hair, and even bangs!
  • Improve Hair Health – If you want to improve your hair health, you can start by reducing heat, scheduling frequent trims, and making sure your hair products are safe for your red hair and sensitive skin. 

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Body Beauty & Confidence 

  • Improve Your Diet – A balanced diet is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Diet doesn’t mean decreasing calories or trying to lose weight. Make a diet that works for your body and your lifestyle.
  • Increase Water Consumption – Most of us are not drinking enough water! Water consumption is vital for healthy skin and a healthy body. Make a resolution to drink at least 64 oz of water daily.
  • Stay Active – We know, what a cliche, but staying active is important for health and sleep. The gym not really your thing? Take a walk, do some yoga or participate in an outdoor activity. 
  • Be Confident in Yourself – Make 2022 be the year you work on your self-confidence, especially being confident in your red hair!


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