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11 Great Things About Being A Redhead

Rock it like a Redhead!

My name is Jill and I am a redhead.

I live in Scotland, the redhead capital of the world. I have Scottish and Irish ancestry, so I guess I was pre-destined to have red hair (as well as freckles and a drawer full of SPF 100 sunscreen). Over the years I’ve gone from neon ginger to ‘sorta’ auburn ginger and at times I’ve succumbed to societal pressure and had blonde highlights. But, once a ginger, always a ginger.

Here are 11 great things about being a redhead:

1. Unlike other hair colors, we redheads have special days dedicated to us.

…like National Love Your Red Hair DayKiss a Ginger Day, Ginger Pride & Redhead Day.

2. We are mutants

It’s a bit scientific and complicated but basically, when both a mother and father both possess a genetic mutation of a gene called MC1R they have a 25% chance of having a ginger baby. Read more about it here.

3. We are brave

So this little ol’ mutated MC1R gene releases a chemical called pheomelanin, which blocks the brains receptivity to pain, which means redheads have a higher pain threshold – particularly useful for wars and childbirth.

4. …and rare

Only 2% of the world population have red hair. Scotland, at 13%, has the highest population of gingers with Ireland runner-up at 10%. Only 2% of the USA popular are blessed with ginger hair.

5. We spend a fortune on sunscreen

…and the best we can hope for is an even pink skintone after spending days of lying in the sun (with a hat and SPF on, of course!). See H2BAR’s top recommended sunscreen’s here.

6. Meh colors suit us best

Brown and beige and pea green all look particularly fetching on me. Pinks and red and yellow don’t – but hell, that don’t stop me from wearing it! Read about the top color choices for redheads.

7. There are tons of inspirational gingers

…including Elizabeth I, Vincent Van Gogh, Damien Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Prince Harry, Julianne Moore and Bonnie Langford.

8. Some people CHOOSE to be ginger

30% of women who dye their hair at home opt for a red shade. Famous dyed gingers include Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball, Emma Stone, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Hendricks.

9. Gingers might become extinct

It’s that old pesky climate change again! Red hair doesn’t adapt to warm climates, so as the world warms up there could be a decline in the number of people with red hair.  And then you’ll be sorry – won’t you! Read more here.

10. There are special gifts for gingers

…like the H2BAR Box! A monthly beauty subscription box delivered right to doorsteps!

11. Gingers can help you win the lottery

…if you are Polish and you pass 3 redheads in a row you will win the lottery. Fact.

On behalf of the 140 million Gingers in the world, thank you for listening.

WATCH 13 Fascinating Facts About Redheads Everyone Should Know below: 

Main Photo Credit: Flickr: deavanesium

Rock it like a Redhead!