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10 Surprising Beauty Tips Every Redhead Should Know

Keep your redhead skin glowing!

It does not always have to be the expensive caviar cream. These beauty tips are surprisingly simple, effective, and cheap and will keep your redhead skin glowing.

1. Clean your mobile phone

Be careful, your mobile phone is a bacteria slingshot and causes pimples. It is best to wipe your mobile phone with disinfectant wipes once a day. Then you can safely press it against your cheeks again for hours.

2. Reduce dairy and meat products

Unfortunately, some animal products contain more and more hormones. This can confuse our hormonal household. Try to avoid dairy and meat and if you eat it, buy organic.

3. Change the bed linen once a week

This sounds like a tip from grandma, but it’s all about the skin. Bacteria, sebum, mites, etc. are often found in the pillows, which is not only disgusting but also not good for the skin.

4. Beauty products and makeup have an expiration date

Take a closer look at your beauty products. Somewhere on the package, there is always a number with an M, usually with a picture of a cream jar. What does this mean? The number before the M stands for the maximum number of months you should use the product after opening. For instance, if you see 12M, you should only use for 12 months.

5. Keep hair products away from the skin

Many hair products are much too harsh for the sensitive redhead facial skin. If you have a tendency to pimples and rashes at the hairline, this may be due to hairspray.

6. Hard tap water is not good for the skin

If there are too many minerals in tap water, it is not very good for cleansing sensitive redhead facial skin. Water filters are not expensive and can solve the problem quickly. See our recommended water filter here.

7. Toothpaste can irritate the skin

Do you have pimples around your mouth? Sometimes it is enough to change the toothpaste. Pay attention to the fluoride content. It should not be too high.

8. Clean your makeup utensils

Not only should you clean the skin from makeup residue, but your makeup utensils also need a small shower regularly. Simply wash out with soapy water and then rinse with clean water. Read more here about how redheads should clean their makeup brushes and shop H2BAR’s recommended makeup brushes with a vegan leather case included.

9. Your sunglasses may be to blame

With the sun comes to sweat. And this sweat unashamedly settles on your sunglasses. So wipe it off every now and then with a disinfectant. It is better. Your skin will thank you for it.

10. Go black, with an extra glass of water

You love your coffee, with a spoon or two of oh-so-sweet sugar? That might cause rashes, pimples, and dry skin. Ditch the sugar. Ditch the milk. Have it black. Hydrate your skin with an extra glass of water for each cup of coffee.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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