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Why Exfoliating The Lips Is Super Important for Redheads

Your Lips Need that Extra Va, Va Voom!

Whether it is winter or summer, the lips are always forgotten when protecting the skin. Or, sometimes, no matter how much medicated lip balm is applied, the lips may still crack and peel. It is also frustrating when matte lipstick is applied and lips suddenly look more chapped than ever.

Sometimes the simple issue will chapped lips is forgetting to exfoliate the lips. Exfoliating the lips takes off the excess skin from the lips. In more cases than most, you’ll find that your lips are not chapped… they just haven’t been exfoliated! Exfoliating the lips is as important as exfoliating the skin and body.

This is the process every redhead should follow when exfoliating lips:

1. With a warm, wet washcloth, clean the lips.

2. In a small bowl, combine granulated sugar with an natural oil, like the preferred Vitamin E oil. The sugar will exfoliate your lips and the Vitamin E will replenish them.

3. Apply the concoction on your lips and move your lips up and down to rub in the mixture.

4. Rub off the concoction with the washcloth.

Lips will appear baby soft and lipstick will look flawless. Rock it like a Redhead!