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Why Women of All Ages Can Rock Red Hair

We’ve talked about how red hair is trending, and when we talk about things being “on-trend” that usually means they are having a moment with a certain demographic, but red hair is different. Red hair is becoming beloved by all age groups and we’re here for it. 

Red hair can help you appear more youthful and since natural redheads often keep their hair pigment longer than other hair colors, it’s no wonder both older and younger women are opting to go red. 

There are lots of natural redheads whose red hair has started to fade, but they keep up the look and often look much more youthful than others their age. One great example is Reba McEntire who is 66 years old! Other famous redheads include The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond who’s in her mid-50s and actress Susan Saradon who’s 75!! 

And the older women aren’t the only ones in Hollywood rocking the red. Young starlets like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have become redheads by choice in their 20s, and youthful actresses like Madelaine Petsch and Sadie Sink rock their natural color with pride.