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Why The Silver Hair Trend Gave Me A Confidence Boost

Don't be fooled! It made me love my red hair even more.

A lot of us redheads have a bit of a backstory of how we grew to love and embrace this unique color we’re born with.

Like many others, I disliked my natural red hair when I was little. In my mind, I thought a pretty little girl had curly blonde hair. I had wild, wavy red hair with uncooperative bangs.

As I grew older and began to experiment more and more with my personal style, I discovered that my red hair was a defining trait that I was proud of. I may have hated being called ‘carrot-top’ and ‘freckles’ every Sunday morning by the little old ladies in Church, but things turned around for me as I entered my teenage years.

By the time I’d graduated high school, I began to embrace my copper locks. They made me look like me.

I began to love the way I can instantly be set apart in a crowd.

I began to love how my hair turns into a radiant shade of marigold when I’m in the sun all summer.

Mostly, I loved the confidence I began to gain from growing up with such a bold hair color.

At eighteen years old I enrolled in beauty school to pursue my interest in haircutting and coloring. It’s an artistic outlet that allows me to be creative every day at work while making others feel amazing about themselves.

At first, I received nothing but compliments on my red hair. It was the unique natural color that I’d never have to maintain using chemical processes. I was suddenly incredibly grateful to have that individuality without having to inflict any damage to my hair.

Only, this was a time period when the silver hair trend was hitting its peak. Pinterest was flowing with gorgeous photos of icy silver locks styled to perfection. Well, my classmates took one look at me with my pale, cool-toned complexion and seemed to think they’d found the perfect model for that metallic creation. “It would be so easy!” They’d tell me excitedly. “Your hair is so healthy!” “It would look so good on you!”

I decided not to do it.

Boy, am I glad that I care about my rare color and the health and integrity of my hair. I think back to that and laugh at the idea of me, a redhead, bleaching to obtain that cool silver color. How ridiculous my hair would look as soon as my fiery regrowth would start to show!

On graduation day, I may not have had trendy silver hair, but I did have a full head of healthy, virgin red hair… and more confidence in myself and my red hair than ever. I now work in a wonderful salon that specializes in color and many of my clients are bottled or natural redheads. Each day, I share with my clients the love I have for my red hair and hope to spread the confidence to everyone I speak with.

Redheads, stay confident in yourselves and never let anyone tell you to change that fiery head of hair. Rock it like a Redhead!