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Why Redheads Should Use a Scrunchie + Our Top Picks

Scrunchies Are Back Baby!

Scrunchies were insanely popular in the 80s and 90s and made their comeback a few years ago. This style of a hair tie isn’t just trendy, it’s actually better for your hair. For redheads who want to keep their hair extra healthy, scrunchies should be part of your haircare routine. Here’s why…

1. Less breakage and damage

A common misconception is that hair damage, specifically, breakage comes only from the use of chemicals and the use of heat on the hair. The truth is, you could be causing breakage and other damage simply by putting your hair up. Traditional hair ties in combination with tight/high hairstyles are a huge culprit of breakage. Scrunchies are more forgiving on the hair and help to reduce strain.

2. No more dents

One of the worst parts about putting your hair up during the day is having big dents and kinks in your hair. Scrunchies minimize this leaving your hair looking sleeker and more polished even after a long day up in a ponytail.

3. More durable

If you have thick red hair, you’ve probably stretched out and even broken dozens of hair ties in your lifetime. Unlike traditional hair ties, scrunchies can really hold up to the test of time. They can also be washed to keep them looking and feeling new for longer. 

4. They are cuter!

If you need something sleek and professional, of course, a traditional hair tie is going to be your best bet. But for those days when you want to throw your hair up and still look cute in a more casual way, adding a scrunchie will really elevate the look. 

Our Top 6 Scrunchie Picks for Redheads

1.Whaline Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies

2. Sufermoe Satin Silk Hair Scrunchies  

3. Yaymew Leopard Hair Scrunchies

4. Aileam Bunny Ear Bow Bowknot Scrunchies 

5. GuguLulu Pom Pom Hair Scrunchies  

6. Kitsch Organic Cotton Knit Hair Scrunchies 


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