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Why Redheads Should Try Red Palm Oil

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Red Palm oil comes from the fruit pulp of a plant and is grown on the top of palm trees. Many might ask how it compares to olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil (the list goes on and on)– and the truth is, nothing compares to the powerful and beneficial ingredients of virgin organic red palm fruit oil.

It has been proven to protect the body and can even prevent heart disease. In fact, it contains more carotenes than carrots, high in vitamin E and reduces stress. Some cosmetic companies use it products, and most women claim it gives vitality to the skin.

Due to the busy lives of many women, it’s quite impossible to regularly supplement your diet/cosmetic routine with organic red palm oil. But, an alternative is making sure it’s incorporated in your beauty products.

Here are 4 ‘redhead friendly’ products that contain the valuable oil:


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