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Why Pimple Patches Are a Must Try for Redheads

Pesky Pimples are a Thing of the Past

Dealing with pesky pimples is never fun, and if you’ve got sensitive skin you might be more prone to acne and blemishes. One of the best ways to treat those breakouts is with pimple patches. 

What are pimple patches? 

Pimple patches are essentially little band-aids or stickers that you pop on over a pimple to cover it and start the healing process. Many pimple patches are a form of hydrocolloid pad that can help bring anything in the pimple to the surface and drain it. 

What do pimple patches do? 

We’ve all had pimples we want to pop or pick at, and pimple patches keep your blemish clean and safe while hydrating the skin and starting the healing process. They also come in some flesh colors to help disguise the redness of the pimple. 

How should I use them? 

Feel a pimple coming on? Pop on a pimple patch and leave it for a day. Pimple patches are usually waterproof so you can shower and like normal. You will want to change your pimple patch every 12-24 hours, and just keep one on until your pimple is gone. Pimple patches are great for your face as well as any stray back or neck blemishes you might have.

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Are they safe for sensitive skin? 

If you have a sensitivity to things like band-aid adhesive, you might have some trouble with pimple patches as they do stick to the skin. Other than that, pimple patches are extremely safe for sensitive skin!

Which pimple patches are recommended for redheads? 

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Avarelle Acne Cover Patches ($9)

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