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Who Said Today Was Unlucky? 13 Red Hot Fashion & Makeup Tips

Since Friday the 13th is known to be spooky, crazy and unlucky, we thought we’d give you some funky ‘redhead friendly’ fashion inspiration.

1. Alexander McQueen Twin Bracelet- Whether you choose to rock one bracelet or many, make sure your jewelry reflects your vibrant, red hot personality.

2. Holst Lee Blue Knight Necklace- There are several ‘redhead friendly’ colors, but nothing is more beautiful than bright blue! For the ultimate effect, rock this look with your hair down.

3. Asos Gold Sequin Collar- This accessory has truly been a hit at recent runway shows and we are loving its dramatic feel. Pair this accessory with a deeper toned outfit and some dramatic eye makeup.

4. Jagger Edge Montana Studded iPhone Cover- It’s true, this generation is always on their phone. So, why not make it look super cool? A studded look is very edgy and fun.

5. Vintage Levis Sun Flower Yellow Denim Blue Tie Dye Cut Offs- Denim always makes a comeback and this season, it is definitely all the rage; but why not step it up a notch and opt for a fun colored pair of shorts?

6. H&M Bag- This bag screams dark, edgy and chic; it also looks great with red locks.

7. Miso Glam Sparkle Heart Earrings- Earrings really do make a statement and since your hair does most of the talking, choose a pair that is fun and flirty.

8 & 9. Nars Thakoon in Amchoor & Victoriana Butter Nail Polish- Tonight, don’t go for a plain ol’ boring nail color, opt for one that expresses your personality!

10. Giorgio Armani Rouge D’armani Sheer Lipstick- With a smokey eye and a light bronzer, this lipstick will make you look super gorgeous! Strong lip colors add a dramatic effect and set your features on fire.

11. Steve Madden Studlyy, Black Stud- That’s right. Pump up your look with a hot pair of shoes. These shoes (and your hair) do all the talking, so pick an outfit that is a little subdued, but still classy and chic.

12. Modcloth Save My Spots Scarf- Like most redheads, you probably live a busy, crazy life. But, who said you can’t be stylish on the go? Quickly grab a cute scarf and run out the door!

13. Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner- Ladies, if there is one regiment you should have this evening, it should be a great, exaggerated eyeliner.  Learn how to rock the perfect eyeliner HERE.

Keep beautifully Red & Rock it like a Redhead!