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What Are The Chances a Baby’s Hair Will Stay Red?

Can Hair Change As We Age?

Have you ever noticed some people are born with one color of hair but don’t have the same hair color as an adult? That’s because our hair can actually naturally change color as we get older. So will your redhead baby keep their red hair? Let’s find out: 

Hair darkens as we age

Most of us are born with lighter hair that darkens as we age. For people who are born blonde, this may mean they are a brunette as an adult. For many redheads, this means they are born with strawberry blonde or light red hair and end up with more ginger or auburn hair later in life. 

Red hair can change 

Depending on the shade of red a baby has when it’s born, it may stay a redhead or it may turn a different color. Most likely, the hair will always have some sort of red undertones to it. This may be only visible in the sun or may come out in other ways like in a man’s beard. People who are born with red hair but lose it later do still carry the redhead gene.

What about my baby’s hair? 

Genetics may play a huge role in this. Do you have any redheads in your family? Did their hair turn, or did it stay the same? At the end of the day, there’s no way to tell if your baby’s hair will change as they get older, but the more vibrant red their hair is the more likely it is to stay red as they grow up. 

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Share your experiences below! If you had a redhead baby (or babies), did the hair stay red?

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