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Ways to Protect and Nurture Your Colored Red Hair

It isn’t your imagination; hair dyed red fades quicker than other colored heads of hair.

Why is this?

Red dye molecules are larger and heavier than their brown and blond counterparts. Consequently, this makes it more difficult for the coloring to fully infiltrate the strands and, instead, it settles on the outside. Too often, redheads face a tough choice between fading tones or hair that is rough and dry because it is too frequently dyed.

We sympathize, we really do, which is why we want to provide a few pointers on how to preserve color and keep your locks healthy.

1. Avoid washing your hair within the first two days of your dye. By doing this, you allow your hair time to heal and produce natural oils. Even after this initial period, it is wise not to wash your hair on a daily basis, as this will unnecessarily strip color away from your tresses. Make sure to find shampoos and conditioners that are designed specifically to lock color in, and take care to occasionally use a deep moisturizer. You can find them at stores like, Image Beauty. When shampooing, choose to use warm water instead of taking scalding hot showers; the intense heat opens the cuticles, which momentarily weakens your hair’s hold on the color.

2. Protect yourself from the sun, which can fade your color and dry your hair. While a head covering like a hat or scarf are ideal, there are products that are specifically designed to help protect your hair from the damaging UV rays.

3. Drink lots of water. Not only is water good for your body, but it is also pivotal to maintaining your mane’s shine and growth. Your hair is 25% water, so when your body is dehydrated, it pulls from your hair and skin, leaving your locks depleted.

4. Be gentle with your tresses. Dyed hair is often more brittle than it would be otherwise, which causes it to break easily. When detangling, use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of those pesky knots, and avoid roughly yanking your brush through your hair. Additionally, to maintain a healthier look, be vigilant about cutting away dead ends.

These simple practices will help you embrace your inner-redhead-goddess while maintaining naturally luscious locks.