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Rosemary O. Fernandez

Three Ways to Celebrate St. Paddy’s with Your Redhead Kids

Red hair has become pretty much synonymous with the Irish

By: Rosemary O. Fernandez

St. Paddy’s Day is here. On this designated day of celebrating Irishness, it seems that everyone suddenly wants to be Irish. And since red hair has become pretty much synonymous with the Irish, everyone also desires our flaming tresses on this day – more so than they do on all the other days of the year.

There are myriad ways to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with children – i.e. using food coloring to dye your milk green, flip things upside-down and tell them a leprechaun did it – but when you have redheaded kids, it’s even more fun since they already look the part.

Here’s a few ways to get your kids into the fun.

1. Dress them in leprechaun costumes for the day.

I know, kids with all hair colors would look cute in this get-up, but close your eyes right now and picture one of these little leprechauns. I guarantee you just pictured an Irish imp with red hair. So a redheaded child in a leprechaun costume just fits. If you don’t want to go with full costumes (perhaps for fear of what your kids’ teachers would say) shamrock shirts, tutus, and dresses are good alternatives.

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2. Decorate your stroller with green garland.

Or wrap those silly plastic shamrock necklaces they sell at the dollar over the handlebars and snack trays. The kids will have fun jingling them and you’ll feel festive.

3. For story time, pick up a book on St. Patrick himself.

Without him, there’s no St. Patrick’s Day after all. And besides, he must have been a redhead. After all, only a redhead would be tough enough to cast out all the snakes from an entire island. Find the e-copy here.

If you do any of the above, share the photos with us on social media. Rock it like a Redhead!