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Three Sunscreen Tips For Every Seasun

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It may be winter, but everyone , especially redheads, need to protect themselves year long from the sun. Here are 3 sunscreen tips from Dr. Rebecca Baxt for your holiday seaSUN:

1. If you are in the sun, you need to be reapplying sunscreen every two hours.

2. Women think that the SPF 15 in their makeup plus their SPF 40 in their sunblock, equals a 55, which is just not true. In reality, the most you are getting is the highest level you apply, and that’s it.

3. Makeup products with SPF are usually between SPF 5 and 15, which is not appropriate for direct sun exposure. Wear a minimum of SPF 15 when exposed to the sun and the higher the better! Makeup is also not applied everywhere that sunscreen should be and, so don’t forget the neck, ears and hairline.