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The Ultimate Guide to Redhead Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup

Tips for Being a Redhead Bridesmaid In '22!

Wedding season spans from spring through fall, so if you’re in a wedding this year, we’ve got the ultimate redhead bridesmaid beauty guide for you! Keep reading if you’re a redhead bridesmaid or if you have redheaded bridesmaids in your soon-to-be wedding: 

How to pick the right makeup 

Having your bridesmaid makeup done for a wedding is such a fun experience, but it can be a little daunting if it’s your first time or you’re the only redhead in the group. Your makeup artists will most likely be experienced in all skin tones so trust the process, but bring photos and speak up if there’s a style you really want. It’s also a great idea to bring some of your own makeup if you’re worried they won’t have your color.

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How to style your red hair

If the bride doesn’t have a hairstyle picked out for you, opt for something soft and romantic like half up half down curls with a braid for depth and texture. If you’re doing your own hair for the wedding, try big soft curls pinned back to one side for a simple yet elegant look. Practice your hairstyle a few times before the wedding to make sure you’ve got it down.

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Look great in your dress 

As redheads, we know which colors we look best in. If the bride lets you have input, let it be known which colors you like best. If the bride selects the color for you and you end up not loving it, just get it tailored to fit like a glove and then Rock it like a Redhead because if you’re confident you’ll look great in anything! 

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Be a great bridesmaid

Just remember, this is the bride’s special day and she’s honoring you by asking you to stand by her side. Do what you can to make things easy on her and be as helpful as possible. Some ways you can be helpful include making sure the bride has everything she needs the day of, making sure she eats and drinks plenty of water, fluffing her dress or straightening her veil if needed, and helping her stay calm if she seems overwhelmed. 

Rock it like a Redhead!