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The Top 3 Sunscreens for Those Long Beach Days

By: Tessa Viole

Protecting the skin from prolonged sun exposure is important for everyone, and since redheads have such fair skin, it’s especially important for them. Many have the misconception that all sunscreens work the same way and produce the same results, but actually that is not necessarily true. The higher the SPF, the better protection one will have. Plus, it all depends on how and when the sunscreen is applied. If one re-applies sunscreen every two hours rather than just applying it once, the results can definitely vary.

Also, some people think that just because they’ll be out in the sun all day that they can apply BB Cream or an every day sunscreen to their face and be good to go, since many of those products have SPF in them already. However, this is not always the case. Just because these facial products have an SPF doesn’t mean that we should just ignore using sunscreen daily! This doesn’t mean that you should disregard the moisturizers and BB Creams entirely, but when you’re at the beach or in the sun all day,  you should be using an every day sunscreen in addition to a heavier sunscreen.


Here are some great sunscreen options for fair skinned redheads for those “all day in the sun” kind of days:

1. Zo Medical Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen*, $77.00 I use this sunscreen daily. It was prescribed by my doctor and it works pretty well. It’s an SPF 50 so you know that you’re getting ultimate sunscreen protection. Even though it’s pricy, it’s worth it. Plus, you get so much out of one tube so you don’t have to worry about running out. With this sunscreen a little goes a long way. The only con about this product is that it’s a little runny, so be careful when opening and applying. The lightweight, natural mineral formula also helps prevent hyper pigmentation of the skin and premature aging.

2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen, $28.00 Similar to the Zo Medical sunscreen, this is also a mineral formula and lightweight. On the contrary, this award winning formula also gives your skin a bit of a tint when used.

3. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, $4.99-$250.00 The name might sound funny, but this sunscreen is all business. This Australian brand makes it a point to take sun protection seriously. When the sun shines as bright as it does in Australia, it’s good to be protected! Similar to the other brands listed, this mineral formula is perfect for sensitive skin. However they do have sunscreens for other skin types as well. Plus, when the bottle is left out in the sun it changes color! According to their website it’s a great way to remind people to reapply.

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*Note: Zo Medical Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is not for everywhere. Please consult your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

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