You’re unique, your products should be too


The Ten Redhead Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Rock Their Red Hair Everyday: Redheads are unique, rare and beautiful and should always Rock it like a Redhead! 

2. Thou Shalt Have Confidence Inside & Out: Even celebrity redheaded Julianne Moore has admitted to being bullied about her appearance by schoolmates, but now says she has grown to love being different. At a young age, redheads quickly discover that red hair causes men and women to gawk and adore the color! All redheads should embrace and find confidence within themselves because they are redheads. In fact, so many women want to feel like “sexy” and “powerful” and opt to be “redheads by choice.”

3. Thou Shalt Have Fun with “Redhead Friendly” Colors: Nothing makes red hair pop more than beautiful greens, blues and purples.  Have fun with pops of color and experiment with different tones against your hair and skin.

4. Thou Shalt Keep Skin Moisturized and Healthy: Redheads are known to have sensitive, fair skin which is why they they should keep special care of it. Always keep skin moisturized, use a “redhead friendly” skin regimen and drink lots of water!

5. Thou Shalt Not Forget to Wear Mascara: Natural redheads are typically born with very light/ blonde eyelashes. Always make sure to give definition to the eye and face with a few swipes of mascara!

6. Thou Shalt Never Leave The House Without Sunscreen: Sunscreen should be a redhead’s best friend! Redheads have very light, ivory skin and it’s essential to keep it safe and wrinkle-free. Make sure sunscreen is in all makeup and hair products before walking out the door in the morning.

7. Thou Shalt Attend the Rock it like a Redhead Event on March 16, 2013: How to be a Redhead is hosting the world’s first-ever beauty and fashion event for redheads! It is going to be a monumental, extraordinary event in New York City and not one redhead can miss it. Get Details here on the scheduling of the day and how to get your ticket!

8. Thou Shalt Buy “Redhead Friendly” Beauty Products: Redheads must be very careful when purchasing beauty products because many items are full of chemicals that will hurt the skin and hair. Opt for hair products that are sulfate free and beauty products that are as natural as possible. Always looks at the ingredients on the packaging of products the same way you would when you’re shopping for food in the grocery store; your skin and red hair will thank you! Remember, all products on are tested by a natural redhead for a maximum of 10 days and deemed “redhead friendly” or not. Read how we do it here. 

9. Thou Shalt Always Honor Those Special Freckles: Redheads are not only blessed with gorgeous hair, but freckles too! Never cover them up because they are truly beautiful. Stephanie, Co-Founder, of How to be a Redhead said, “I have so many freckles on my face. When I was younger, I always wanted to cover them up and purchased so many products to make my skin look freckle-free. Then, one day I realized that my freckles are beautiful! The minute I embraced them, people around me did too. I get compliments every single day for my freckles and red hair!”

10. Thou Shalt Believe That Being A Redhead is More Than a Hair Color, It’s a Lifestyle!: It’s How to be a Redhead’s motto and for a reason: it perfectly describes the life of a redhead. Red hair has many stereotypes, but many redheads will agree that having red hair is a fun, feisty, spontaneous life. When people meet a redhead, most assume that they’re headstrong, yet fun! Many “redheads by choice” say that the minute they go “red,” their entire life changes.

Rock it like a Redhead!