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The ‘Redhead Friendly’ Fall Color We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

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Redhead Season (aka fall) is the perfect time to embrace earth-toned colors –– whether it’s on your eyelids or in your wardrobe. Lately, we’ve been obsessing over one ‘redhead friendly’ color: orange. Growing up, we use to run from this color. We also associated it with a bright orange, like the color of a pumpkin. Flash forward to now and we can’t get enough.

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If you’re experimenting with orange for the first time, we recommend opting for a burnt, cedar, clay or rust. Sticking to this warm, fall orange family will enhance your redhead characteristics and of course, your red hair.


Here are 12 pieces to incorporate into your ‘redhead friendly’ fall wardrobe:





Knotty Link Necklace 



Rock it like a Redhead!