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Photographer Launches “Red Matters” Project and You Have To See These Photos

Bianca Duimel is a New Zealand photographer who is captivated by, you guessed it, redheads. We spoke with Duimel to chat all about her latest endeavor, The Red Matters book: Portraits of Redheads. The book’s goal is to challenge the way society perceives redheads.

On Duimel’s website, she states, “As I grew older and more aware, I sadly discovered many feel like red hair is not a blessing but in some cases, it can feel like a curse. Now as a photographer and artist, I want to help break some the terrible stigmas attached to being a redhead by putting together a book with a variety artistic, fun and inspirational photographs of redheads.”

The project came about in a very unusual way. “I originally photographed a friend of my daughter’s at her gym. Her name was Brodee and she had the longest, most amazing red hair. Her mother used to braid it and do interesting things with her red hair. It always caught my attention,” Duimel shares.

Duimel was surprised to learn that Brodee was struggling with accepting her red hair. “Her mother told me how hard it was at school for her. She was being bullied a lot for her hair and was really struggling. This totally surprised me. As an artist, I felt I had to bring light to the subject of bullying, so I thought Brodee was the perfect example of an amazing little girl that was being bullied for no reason and very much affected by it.”

Scroll down to see some more beautiful shots featured in The Red Matters Book:

Many artists are coming forth to showcase the true beauty of redheads, and teaching us all that we should always..Rock it like a Redhead!