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The Power of a Redhead: Interview With Kimberly Benson

H2BAR spoke with Boston entrepreneur and redhead, Kimberly V. Benson. She is founder of the graphic apparel company, Heretic City and has laid the foundation for an Independent Designers Market in Cambridge, MA. Heretic City offers a women and mens line titled “A Devastating Love,” which graphically demonstrates love, lust, sex and tragedy.

From the start of our interview, you could sense her confidence and self assuredness and there is no doubt that her personality stems from being a natural born redhead.

H2BAR: Do you think being a redhead has empowered you to start your own business?

KB: Yes. I grew up in an Italian family, so when I was younger, I was always stood out because I was a redhead. Even now I find I am treated differently, but it empowers me and I love that I am different. Being a redhead definitely influenced the start of my graphic apparel line.

H2BAR: What skin products are your favorite?

KB: My skin is sensitive, so I use Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers. I also love Shiseido’s Super Restoring Cream, they are a Japanese based company and the results are great. Because I am so fair, I stay out of the sun. I am always the one putting on SPF 70 with a hat and umbrella!

H2BAR: What about hair products? 

KB: My hair is long and wavy, so after I wash it, I let it air dry- I never use products.

H2BAR: Do you have any recommendations/beauty advice for redheads?

KB: When redheads see each other, there is an instant bond and there are some tips I wish all redheads knew. I think all redheads should color in their eyebrows to add definition to their face and never forget to wear mascara over those blonde eyelashes!