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Sarah Reeves

The Military Look: Top Fashion Trend for Redheads

Everything about the military fashion trend is FANTASTIC for redheads. Why?

  1. The military look features many embellishments and colors that look great with ginger locks.

2. The style is very structured and therefore, when found in the right size, will flatter all shapes because the stitching and fabric perfectly conforms to the body.  Tip: Do you keep finding items tailored, but oversized? If it is a shirt, pair it with a great waist belt. If an accessory won’t help, visit a tailor. A tailor will fit the clothes to your body and you’ll notice a huge difference in the way you look and feel!

3. I love when redheads wear gold jewelry because it flatters fair skin and red hair in an amazing way! Thankfully, military clothes are often embellished with signature gold or bronze claps, closures, and buttons.

4. The military look is always comprised of “redhead friendly” colors like navy, hunter green and brown.

5. The look won’t break the bank. Whether you shop at high end department stores like Neiman Marcus or vintage shops, you can find key military pieces at an affordable price.

My redheaded ladies, feel free to jump into the trend with excitement! You can’t go wrong with a militia fall coat or a green dress accented with epaulets.

Still confused about how you should wear the military look?

  1. Mix and match this soldier look with really girly pieces like a floral dress or pink stilettos.

2. Pair these items with brown boots and gold jewelry.

Good luck redheads! 10-4! Over and Out. Rock it like a Redhead!