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The March Deluxe H2BAR Box, $270 Value & 10 Full-Size Products

The March Deluxe H2BAR Box has arrived! The theme continues from the monthly March H2BAR Box — ‘You’re Lucky To Be a Redhead’ with a tie into St. Patrick’s Day. Like every H2BAR Box, there is an info card included with a description of each product and why it is ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved.

The value of the box is $270 & there are 10 full-size products:

The description reads: Just like the monthly H2BAR Box, we’re continuing the theme of luck + gratitude but adding a bit more emphasis to the feeling. We’re feeling so incredibly lucky to be redheads this spring season! It is our time to blossom into ourselves + love who we are. The following products will give new life to your skin + red hair! All are ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved just for you. Have a beautiful spring season ahead!

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Products Inside:

1. Tressa Wet Brick Shampoo, $20: If you’re a monthly H2BAR Box subscriber, you may have received the smaller version of this product in a different red shade in your February box. Redheads (natural & ‘by choice’) always ask: “My red hair is fading, what should I do?” Natural redheads can be nervous to try products to enhance their locks. We always recommend a color depositing shampoo. How To Use: *Always strip test before applying throughout* Use 1-2 times weekly in replacement of your shampoo. Or, you can mix with your shampoo and/or conditioner for a subtle look.

2. Cleure Leave-in Conditioning Mist Travel, $10: This unique mist will leave your hair healthy, silky and easy to manage. It can be used on wet or dry hair and works for all hair types, including children’s hair, dry hair, oily hair or color treated hair. Use code: REDHEAD for 20% off at Excludes gift sets, travel sets + sunscreens. Expires 3/31/20,


2. IT Naturals 12-In-One Amazing Leave In Treatment, $10: Your all-in-one solution to miraculously healing and restoring 12 common hair concerns including breakage, split ends and frizz. Use this luxury treatment to deliver gorgeous, shiny hair.

3. Biosilk Silk Therapy Travel Size, $5

4. Julien Farel De-Frizz Conditioner, $25: Most redheads describe their hair texture as: frizzy, wavy/curly and/or coarse. This product is forumulated for those exact hair types. Shea butter and sweet almond oil deeply moisturize to soften and control unruly textures. Blocks humidity with antioxidant protection for long lasting, frizz-fighting smoothness. Monthly H2BAR Box subscribers received a travel size of Julie Farel’s shampoo and conditioner.

5. Morganna’s Alchemy Instant Lift, $30: Designed to provide an almost instantaneous lift to the skin. It forms an invisible film on skin for an immediate tightening effect. How To Use: After cleansing, apply this product. Lock in with your daily moisturizer.


5. ALPS Skin Antioxidant Cream, $30: As seen in the H2BAR e-commerce store, this is a favorite amongst redheads. It protects irritated skin and aids in reducing friction, and soothes pain and itch. Apply a thin layer for all-day protection.

6. Glowbiotics PROBIOTIC INSTANT REFRESHING GEL HYDRATOR, $59: Designed to deeply nourish redhead skin for a smoother complexion. Featuring a combination of aloe, ceramides and probiotics, this lightweight face moisturizer effectively reduces itchy, dehydrated skin, while targeting the visible signs of stress and aging. Use code: H2BAR20 for 20% off at Excludes already discounted products/kits. Expires 7/1/2020.

7 & 8. SolarDerm Moisturizer + Face Wash: Monthy H2BAR Box subscribers received samples of these product and we’re so excited for Deluxe subscribers to receive this full size product! This moisturizer + face wash is marketed for “after sun” but is great for every day usage. It’s a must for the warmer months approaching!

9. La Beaute Soi 10 Piece Makeup Set, $25: Ou la la! Every redhead needs a brush set and this is the ultimate! Complete with 10 must-have brushes to ensure you have everything you need to create a flawless look with ease! Comes with an ultra cute faux leather pouch to keep your brushes safe for traveling and easy storage. 100% cruelty-free, these brushes are hypoallergenic & made from the highest quality of synthetic fibers for ultra soft bristles that never shed.

10. Zuii ‘Ash Vegan’ Floral Mascara, $28: Some redheads love black mascara and some love brown. This is a favorite shade of ours because it’s inbetween. It isn’t too dark or too light, it’s just right. As a big bonus, the product is made from organic ingredients; containing natural plant fibers that bond to each individual lash to deliver maximum length and a long-lasting lash look.

11. Mystery Redhead Eyebrow Product, $23: We wanted to have a little fun and surprise you with a eyebrow product for your brows! Redheads love brow products and this will be a fabulous addition to your makeup routine.  The product featured in the unboxing photo and video is LimeCrime Precision Pen in ‘Redhead’.

12. LARITZY Cosmetics Lip Gloss in ‘Curve’, $18: We wanted Deluxe H2BAR Box subscribers to have the perfect lipgloss for the spring season. This is a favorite because it’s never stricky and provides great hydration (many redheads do suffer from chapped lips with the season change). Send us a selfie of you rockin’ your new lip gloss! Make sure to use hashtag #H2BARBox

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