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The Everyday Redhead: Fashion Advice From The Countryside of Northern Ireland

Vicki lives in the Irish countryside. By day she works as a Fashion Agent and by night is a blogger! She likes pretty photography, walking my pugs, collecting disney films and film cameras.

She spoke with How to be a Redhead about her favorite fashion trends and advice on what to wear this holiday season!

H2BAR: How long have you been a redhead? How has it influenced your life?

V: I have been a redhead for almost 5 years now. It has changed my life considerably. I finally felt like me. It was as if I was always meant to be a redhead.  Having red hair changed my confidence levels, my personailty and influenced my wardrobe greatly. Now I embrace more color, bolder lipsticks and almost pick my outfits to match or compliment my hair!

H2BAR: Why do you love being a redhead?

V: Because there are so many shades of red that you can be! Everytime I color my hair, I change it slightly; deep rust tones, more carrot top orange, or cherry red. Each are so flattering and the warm colors suit my skin tone and instantly make me feel like I have had a head to toe make over. Red is the color of confidence!

H2BAR: How do you attain your red locks?

V: I have been going to the same colorist since I was 17. She knows my style, aesthetic and works with me to achieve the color or tone I desire. She taught me that it’s important to take care of colored hair with conditioning treatments because the dye can dry out the hair. When you have a good colorist and keep your hair healthy, people will think you’re a natural redhead- just like me- which is a huge compliment!

H2BAR: What is your favorite winter fashion trend?

V: I love the 70‘s trend that it has become popular this year. The 70’s colors: mustard, brown and orange are redhead friendly colors and look amazing with my hair! I’m also a massive fan of high waisted trousers and skirts as they are uber comfy and make my legs look longer than they are!

H2BAR: What will you be wearing during the holiday season?

V: I love the holidays because it is the perfect time to dress up! I’m embracing red and wine colors which always feels holiday-ish to me! Also, I will be wearing glittery or sequined clothes and accessories.