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The Down Low: Removing Sunless Tanner From Your Summer Clothes

It is summer and everyone is becoming a golden goddess, but if you’re a natural redhead, sometimes you have to turn to sunless tanning products to make your skin radiant and bronzed.

Once you’re tan, many women stay away from light colored clothes because they don’t want the tanning product to stain their clothes. If you use any or a combination of the below tips, you can quickly get rid of the stain and continue to wear light, summer colors without ruining your fashion pieces:

1. Mix clear dishwashing soap and warm water and with a sponge, dab the spot thoroughly to remove the stain. Try folding your item inside out and dabbing the stain from the exterior because it may help lift the stain faster.

2. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Using the same directions below, make sure to tab evenly.

3. Use a stain remover like OxiClean ‘Max Force Laundry Stain Remover’ and wash the item in warm water. Hang dry.

Tip: After applying sunless tanner, wear clothing that isn’t super important to you to prevent staining. Wait eight hours after applying your tan and shower. Make sure to wash with a gentle washcloth and not an exfoliator; the goal is to keep your tan and not wash it away! You’ll notice that your skin is bronzed and the residue is washed off. It will now be safe to wear your summer statement pieces and if you run into a stain pickle, use the above tips to save your clothes.