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The Best Nail Polish for a Redheads Knock-Out Nails

By: Olivia Volpe

Whether it’s boredom or chipped imperfection that leads me to my trusty manicure kit (or a splurge to the manicurist), when it comes to nail polish I love trying new colors and styles.  Here are my favorite trends and traditions for you to try—an added bonus is that they are all “redhead friendly!”

1. Easter Egg Pastels-   Although it’s a traditionally spring/summer trend, I rock a luxurious lavender all year round!  Seeing the pale purple every day reminds me that spring is just around the corner even in the middle of  a blizzard! Try: Essie- St. Lucia Lilac

2. Dark and Stormy- As I’ve shared before with How To Be A Redhead my favorite dark colors. Jet black tends to add a gothic feel while purples and blue shades offer an air of sophistication. Try:  Lincoln Park After Dark and Russian Navy by OPI.

3. Tried and True- Red will forever be a classic color and will add a sexy touch to any look—as we redheads well know!  So go old Hollywood with this standby shade! Try: Butter London– Come to Bed Red

4. Throw Some Glitter- Perfect for New Year’s Eve, or to add some glam to a Wednesday night in with take out, sparkly shades add a ton glam to any outfit! Try: Deborah Lippman-Boom Boom Pow.

5. Metallica- If you’re not ready to jump into the deep end of sparkles, a metallic shade has the same fun flair without the commitment!  Try: Wet N’ Wild Nail Color

6. Chic- There’s nothing like the perfect nude/ classic pink nail polish to keep you looking classy all year long! It goes with every outfit and keeps your hands looking long and beautiful. Try: Julep– Emmanuelle