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The Best Indie Rose Products for Fair Skin

Products + brands you must know about for your redhead life

By: Marie-Louise O’Rourke

Roses are red and so is your hair. All natural love for your skin so fair.

Rose essential oil, absolute and hydrosols have many beneficial affects on your body and your health. In a journal published by the United States National Library of Medicine, experts have studied the different rose bi-products and their medicinal properties. Rose extract is shown to have anti-inflammatory responses once applied topically to the skin, making rose a wonderful option for sensitive fair skinned beauties. Rose contains Vitamin C which, in addition to it’s inflammation fighting properties, also acts as an antioxidant for the skin. The antioxidants found in rose have also been proven to neutralize free radicals as well as aid in the prevention of many types from damaging the skin.

These are my top picks for ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved rose skincare options:

1. Evanhealy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosoul- $31.95

The fine rose fragrance of Evanhealy’s Rose Geranium Facial Tonic will soothe your redhead spirit while it hydrates and tones your skin. It balances dry skin, as well clears oily and teen skin prone to blemishes or acne. It can be used throughout the day to hydrate, tone and balance all skin types.


2. LivingLibations RoseGlow Face Crème– starting at $25.00

This LivingLibations crème balances all skin types, penetrating hydration deep into the skin. The high quality elements found in this moisturizer are a bountiful combination of organic ingredients and wild Canadian ingredients. Use daily.


3. Fig + Yarrow Rose Clay Mask- $18.00

This Fig + Yarrow Rose Clay Mask is wonderful for balancing the skin, brightening and tightening pores. This mask is a perfect option for those who have sensitive skin, as clay is a non-harsh, natural exfoliator. This mask draws out impurities and toxins while deeply moisturizing the complexion. Use 3-7 days a week.


4. AuraCacia Deep Rosehip Organic Facial Oil Serum- $19.99

I’ve used many products from AuraCacia, and this rosehip facial serum was made for redheaded goddesses! This is rich in Vitamin E and is quickly absorbed in the skin for restoring dry complexions and maintaining hydration. Use nightly.


5. LivingLibations Best Skin Ever “Rose”- starting at $40.00

Another item from LivingLibations! This is a blend of essential oils and Rose Otto (the purist form of rose) is such a dream for fair skin! Feel the nourishment and bask in the aroma of this sweet skin nectar. Apply to the face and the body daily.


Treat your beautiful fair skin! Rock it Like a Redhead!