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The 101 on Body Scrubs for Redheads

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You’ve heard us talk about the benefits of sugar scrubs for redheads, especially those with sensitive skin. We consulted with Michele Periquet, the product developer and founder of Reset Yourself skincare. “People with sensitive skin can benefit from using a body scrub, ” said Periquet. “But, it’s important to remember that not all body scrubs are created equal.”

Here is the full 101 on body scrubs for redheads:


Body scrubs exfoliate the skin –– which sloughs off dead outer layers of skin. The end result is newer, smoother, softer skin underneath. “As we age, cell turnover slows down, so exfoliation helps to facilitate the process. Helps boost circulation by increasing blood flow to the skin. This allows for better penetration/absorption of your other skin products such as moisturizer,” says Periquet.


When selecting a body scrub, it’s imperative redheads choose one without toxins, or harsh ingredients that will strip the natural oils off your skin, or cause irritation or inflammation. “For our clients with drier, sensitive skin, I recommend sugar and coffee scrubs. When choosing tools, avoid loofahs and the like that are too rough and abrasive. Limit exfoliation to a once a week,” recommends Periquet.


Always follow with a hydrating moisturizer. Although the skin on the body is not as sensitive as facial skin, you still need to be gentle when using a body scrub. The goal is to exfoliate, not to irritate.


“One type of body scrub we recommend to our clients is skin brushing with a dry brush,” says Periquet. This process, typically called ‘Dry Brushing‘ can help.

Here’s how it works:

-Break down and eliminate toxins by increasing circulation. This helps to improve the appearance of cellulite which is actually composed of toxic fat build-up that results in the rumpled look of the skin.

-Stimulate the lymphatic systems, which also helps to eliminate metabolic wastes from the body. This allows the body to run more efficiently.

-Remove dead skin cells and unclog pores both of which facilitate cell renewal and help improve skin texture and appearance.

-Improve blood flow which leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and invigorated! Done properly (think gentler strokes) and with a good, natural bristle brush, skin brushing is excellent for people with sensitive skin too.

“In fact, our clients have found dry brushing to be less harsh on their skin as compared to exfoliating gloves and the like. However, we do not recommend it though for people with eczema, dermatitis or open wounds,” Periquet concludes.

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