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Olivia Volpe

Susan Ciminelli Gives You Tips on How To Keep Skin Blemish Free

Edited By: Olivia Volpe

Susan Ciminelli, a world-renowned skin expert and consult to the stars, is the founder of Susan Ciminelli Beauty Clinic in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, where she uses natural and holistic methods and products to give your skin the “Susan Ciminelli Glow”.


As a teenager, Susan found that her lifestyle was causing many of her skin problems and from a very young age devoted her time and energy to researching holistic and natural ways to solve many of her dermatology issues.  Today, she draws women from around the world eager to learn how to glow from the inside out with nurturing techniques and Susan’s pure, natural product line!

Susan says, “There’s something beautiful about white skin on redheads”, so why not take the expert’s advice and test out some of her tried and true (and celeb-approved!) techniques to keep your milky, freckled skin blemish free!

How to be a Redhead had the pleasure to sit down with Susan Ciminelli for a second time to discuss how redheads (and women of all hair colors) should be taking care of their skin!

H2BAR:  Why do women break out on their chin?

SS:  Breaking out means that your skin is eliminating toxins. Don’t ignore it. If you break out on your chin, it’s usually indicative of a problem in your endocrine system.

H2BAR:  How can we solve that issue?

SS:  Drinking ample amounts of water, as well as eating fresh fruits, leafy greens, and other fibrous foods, help keep things moving through your colon.

H2BAR:  What are some skin exfoliating tips?

SS: Warm a damp wash cloth and apply to your face. Always wash with warm and rinse with cool. After you wash, exfoliate with the Algae Deep Cleanse.

H2BAR:  How often should you get a facial?

SS:  If you can, get a facial every 4 to 5 weeks.

H2BAR:  What are some of the healthiest foods for your skin?

SS: Vegetables and fruits, especially berries and apples.

H2BAR:  How do you protect your skin from dry heat in your apartment or house?

SS:  Get a humidifier! Make sure to get the filter free one and also get one for each bedroom and living room.

More tips from Susan:

1. Try to switch up caffeine by doing every other day and replacing with green tea.

2. Steam your face weekly with herbs, like rosemary and thyme.