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Sunscreen Fit for the Fairest of All

By: Kara Dunford

“Mirror, mirror upon the wall, who is the fairest fair of all?”

“Why yes, mirror, that would be me.”

If you’re a fair skinned redhead, you most likely have had this conversation with an inanimate object, any object with a somewhat reflective sheen, as you hurriedly lather on the SPF while at the community pool, amusement park, beach or any other outdoor excursion that will surely result in the incineration of your alabaster skin without the proper precautionary steps.


We are trained at a young age about the importance of skin care and adequate sun protection, to avoid crustacean resemblance, unsightly wrinkles, premature aging, and the most serious offender of all, skin cancer.

If you fancy a sunscreen makeover, or genuinely need guidance navigating through the saturated market of sunscreen products read on, as I introduce you to three (almost) magical sunscreens that promise to protect and serve with added benefits:


Remember reds; don’t forget to lather up with a proper SPF this season to keep that reflection fair and fabulous!

Photo Credit: Pinterest