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Sugar Coated: The Sweeter Side of Hair Removal for Redheads

While blondes may have more fun, brunettes do it better…redheads do it pain free.

Scientific studies have shown that redheads are actually less sensitive to pain compared to people with other hair colors as well as men – what wimps. JK!

According to Professor Jeffrey Mogil at McGill University in Montreal, Canada the gene called melanocortin found in people with red hair and fair skin, give not men but women a higher pain threshold.

Now that you know just how strong your ginger genes are, are you actually still afraid of getting waxed? Have you been pushing back your appointment to 1 hour before hitting the beach? Taking an acetaminophen before enduring the hot strips hoping it would lessen the pain?

Sissy! JK (again), I totally feel your pain for pain.

There is no need to be the weakest link of the Re(d)olution anymore with Sugaring – an all natural and painless alternative to getting rid of unwanted hair.

Owner Shobha Tummala of Shobha Salons located in New York City concocts a mixture of honey, lemon juice, glycerin and water and spreads it onto skin. Then using a piece of denim (yes, like jeans) lifts the hair from the follicle. Denim is used instead of traditional muslin or linen because it does not tug the hair nor cause irritation. Overall, this gentle experience reveals baby bottom bare skin without the ache.

What to try it at home? You can purchase Shobha Sugaring Kit ($30) that contains six washable and reusable strips of denim.

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