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Olivia Volpe

Style Recipe: How to Fly the Friendly Skies With Flair

By: Olivia Volpe

With many freckle-faced redheads across the world making travel plans for the holidays, it seemed only appropriate to leave the recipes for the cooks in the kitchen and come up with a style recipe for the perfect travel outfit to wear on the airplane!  I’ve included some of my favorite things to create a great outfit to impress even a TSA agent, but recipes are up for interpretation so, use this as a base to create your own perfect plane style!

Start with:

1. Your Favorite T-Shirt:  Old Navy Lightweight V-neck Tee is a great choice because it’s super soft and an old standby. It comes in tons of colors, but I stick to the charcoal gray, so I can play up the color with some of my accessories & let my ginger hair take center stage!


2. A Comfy Sweater: This cozy number in a deliciously creamy oatmeal color is perfect for year round flight travel because flying high means cabin temperatures that rival a Chicago winter. The color will look great with any shade of scarlet tresses and will keep you warm when the wind starts whipping around outside or while you try and get comfortable with Skymall at 30,000 feet up!

Add a dash of:

3. A Fun Accessory: A great scarf adds a touch of effortless style and a chocolaty brown hue will make your copper locks pop!

Don’t forget to include:

4. A Trusty Carry-On Tote: The Lululemon ‘Fast in Flight’ bag comes in many colors and is the perfect size to fit under the seat in front of you.  It holds 
everything from my nook, books and magazines, to Sourpatch Kids and an oversized water bottle.

Finally, choose how you finish it off with:

5. Jeans and Old School Moccasins: Joe’s Jeans makes my favorite pair of jeans called ‘The Best Friend’ and they aren’t lying.  This pair of jeans works great with a pair of heels or for a ten-hour flight!  I roll mine up at the bottom for a chic, relaxed look.  These feminine-inspired boyfriend jeans paired with my favorite Minnetonka Moccasins makes for a great effortless outfit perfect for wandering through the airports of the world.


6. Leggings and Hot New Boots: Leggings are an airplane favorite simply because they don’t restrict your movement and most ladies are hard-pressed to find something more comfortable.  American Apparel makes a great opaque, black legging that is perfect for all occasions.  Paired with this stylish leather boot from Steve Madden and you have comfy travel perfection.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Item Information:

Sweater, JCrew Donegal Wool Shawl Cardigan in Oatmeal

Tshirt- Old Navy Women’s Lightweight V-Neck in Charcoal

Scarf- World Market Brown Floral Infinity Scarf

Bag- Lululemon Fast In Flight Bag in black

Jeans- Joe’s Jeans The Best Friend Jeans

Moccasins- Minnetonka Classic Beaded Moccasins

Leggings- American Apparel Spandex Leggings in Black

Boots- Steve Madden Ridley Boot in Black Leather