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3 Ways Redheads Can Cover Redness or Rosacea with Makeup

Many redheads face pink pigmented skin and/or rosacea and this can look and feel uncomfortable; not to mention that the color of this skin issue usually contrasts greatly with red hair.

Do you desire porcelain, crystal clear skin? Here are some easy makeup tips:

1. When covering up or hiding skin pigments, it is important to cover up red areas with green concealer. The green color will offset the red in an instant. Think of the color wheel! Recommended ‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved Product: Physician’s Formula, Green Concealer 

2. A mineral/press powder will help give skin a great finish. Recommended ‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved Product: NARS Powder Foundation 

3. Next, use a brown-ish/ warm toned bronzer to finish off the proper redhead look!

You’ll instantly notice that your skin looks gorgeous with your red locks.

Rock it like a Redhead!