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Staying Beautiful This Cold & Flu Season

By: Olivia Shea

Some experts claim redheads have a weak immune system, others claim it’s actually stronger, I say it’s cold and flu season and everyone regardless of hair shade is bound to feel under the weather at some point. The symptoms are far from sexy – chapped lips, rudded skin, puffy eyes ooo baby.

This season while stalking up on decongestants, cough drops and tissues from your local drug store, don’t forget to take a trip down the beauty isle and pick these 5 essential products for cold and flu season.

1. Concealer: will free you of looking like Rudolf the rednose redhead and more like Ariel – out of this world. Since skin is already extra sensitive during winter months and constant tissue contact only adds to irritation, gently pat a yellow based concealer onto the nose and any other areas of redness you wish to hide.

2. Lip Exfoliator: If you’re feeling at all stuffed up, you will have to succumb to Darth Vaderesque mouth breathing causing dry and flakey lips. Try to refrain from repeating “Luke I am your father” in front of a fan and exfoliate your lips with a home remedy of white sugar mixed with Vaseline. Rub the paste over your lips in a circular motion for approximately 1 minute then rinse. The blood will rush to the fresh soft skin of your mouth leaving a healthy rosy tint.

3. Tinted Moisturizer: Wintry cold air when outdoors combined with blasting hot air when indoors can wreak havoc on your completion. The best remedy for this is tinted moisturizer. After washing and moisturizing skin in the morning, apply a layer for sheer coverage or build layers for medium coverage, try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $42.00.

4. Cream Blush: While crisp winter air leaves a flush on cheeks, it doesn’t tend to last longer than 5 minutes after coming indoors. Powder will be too dry for skin this season, so I recommend a cream blush. Lightly pat onto the apples of your cheeks for a healthy and dewy glow that will last all day.

5. Water Proof Mascara: Not just for sappy holiday love songs, this makeup essential will be there for you like an eyelash to cry on from your first sneeze of the day till your last. You can’t go wrong with Maybelline Great Lash, $5.