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St. Patrick’s Day: Is the Correct Nickname St. Paddy’s or St. Patty’s?

Let's all get this correct!

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The question many ask themselves every year during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations: Is the proper nickname St. PaDDy’s or St. PaTTy’s?

Many redheads insist it is St. Paddy’s Day saying ‘Patty’ is short for Patricia (a woman’s nickname), whereas ‘Paddy’ comes from the Irish spelling of the name Patrick. Pádraig is the Irish Gaelic version of Patrick.

Where does the confusion arise? Pádraig is Anglicized Patrick. ‘Pat’ or ‘Patty’ is usually the shortened version that is most familiar — more than Patrick. However, many named Patrick are nicknamed ‘Pat’.

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Thanks to Twitter and the Buzzfeed @StyleGuide account, they clarified the proper spelling:

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Sounds confusing? Just remember to use ‘Paddy’ and not ‘Patty’ this St. Patrick’s Day and Rock it like a Redhead! 

Main photo © How to be a Redhead from the 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event in NYC