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Jennifer Haynes

Spice It Up

By: Jennifer Haynes

“Painters use red like spice.” — Derek Jarman

It has been found that color has a profound effect on humans and red is a color that evokes all sorts of emotions and connotations. Rock that red hair and show them what you are made of with these facts about the color red!

Hot Facts about the Color Red:

1. Increases enthusiasm.

2. Sense of protection from fears and anxiety.

3. Stimulates energy and can increase blood pressure, heartbeat and pulse rate.

4. Red is also associated with poison, passion and seduction.

5. Encourages action and confidence.

Global Spice: 

1. In Sweden only high class citizens could possess the color red.

2. Red amulets were worn in many cultures to prolong life.

3. Islamic, Hindu and Chinese brides traditionally wear the colour red.

4. Red represents beauty in many languages and culture.

 Are there any other facts you know about Red? Share below!