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Solve Your Accessory Dilemmas

There is nothing that looks more stunning than wearing “redhead friendly” colors and rockin’ that outfit with great accessories. But, sometimes when you’re looking your best, there are accessory dilemmas that could ruin your look and when matched with sensitive, redhead skin, there can be serious issues.

Don’t ditch accessories. It is easy to stop accessory issues with these simple tips:

Jewelry Staining Your Skin: It has happened to all of us. You get that nasty, greenish/blueish line around your neck or fingers. Use the following tips to keep your skin from ugly staining:

1. Coat the jewelry with clear nail polish.

2. Choose stainless steel jewelry when possible.

3. Choose jewelry labeled hypo-allergenic. It’s formulated for people who are sensitive to metals.

4. Keep your skin dry when wearing jewelry.

5. Keep your jewelry clean and tarnish-free.

Sore Feet: Ladies, we all get sore feet from wearing heels and we all know we aren’t going to stop wearing beautiful shoes because our heels hurt.

1. Soak your feet in Tea Tree Oil in warm water either before and after you hit the town. We also love peppermint oil because it has a soothing affect.

2. Wear orthotic insoles in your shoes. They are life savers!

3. Massage your feet regularly to break up tension.

Earrings Causing Swelling: How many of you have bought cute earrings and soon find out you can’t wear them because they infect your ear? Redheads have very sensitive skin and the ear lobe can be just as sensitive.

1. After wearing your favorite pair of earrings, dab hydrogen peroxide on each ear lobe to prevent swelling.

2. As tempting as it can be, if the earrings are cheap, do not buy them because the ending result isn’t worth it.

Itchy Head: Summer hats are all the rage this summer! But, sometimes the materials inside the hat can cause your scalp  to itch.

1. We like to coat the insides of our hat with a small amount of conditioner. Choose a conditioner that you would use for your hair because the result will turn out better. Simply dab the inside of the hat with water and add a dime size of conditioner. Scrub. Wash out completely. The conditioner will add a protective coat and stop itchy scalps.

Jeans Turning You Blue: It happens to us all. You buy gorgeous, new jeans and the dark-wash denim washes off onto shoes, clothes and skin.  So what is a girl to do?

1. Soak the jeans in a bucket of vinegar and water overnight. The acidity of the vinegar helps to set the dye. Wash and hang dry afterwards and you’ll notice less bleeding the next time you wear them.

Stay beautiful, Redheads!