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Simple Secrets to Healthier, Fuller, Shinier Red Hair

Sometimes going back to the basics is all you ever had to do!

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We all want our red hair to be strong, shiny and healthy, but most of us aren’t doing everything we can to get truly healthy hair. Here are some tips to incorporate into your hair routine today to start your journey towards healthier red hair. 

Clean hair is healthy hair

Excess build-up and oils are not healthy for your hair. Make sure you’re washing your hair on a regular basis but not too often. It’s recommended you wash your hair 2-4 times per week depending on your lifestyle and hair type. 

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Reduce chemicals

Many hair products are loaded with chemicals and even alcohol that can cause dry brittle hair. Reducing the number of chemicals you put on your hair can have a big impact on its health. Try using products free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and heavy fragrances

Skip the heat styling

Heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. Reduce heat styling, and if you must style your hair with heat, always use a heat protection spray, keep the heat low and never use a hot tool on hair that’s got hairspray on it. Instead of heat styling, try wearing your hair natural or doing no heat hairstyles.

Get a trim regularly

Getting regular trims will help keep split ends from extending upwards and it will help your hair look and feel healthier. Seeing your stylist regularly also ensures you’re on top of any hair concerns and can ask how to best tackle them. Think of it as a check-up for your hair!

Be gentle with your locks

Reduce the amount of breakage you have by being gentle on your locks. Brush gently, avoid snagging or tugging at the hair, and use a silk or satin pillowcase at night to reduce friction and roughness against your hair. 

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Eat healthy & drink water

Healthy fats and protein are great for long, strong, healthy hair. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is vital for ensuring your hair is as healthy as it can be. 

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