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Should We Be Applying Shampoo To Only The Scalp And Not The Ends?

Change to only shampooing the scalp if you're having these issues: 

There are a lot of different opinions on how redheads should be applying shampoo. Some people think you should scrub all your hair equally, while others think you should scrub only the scalp and avoid your ends. There is no right or wrong way to wash your hair as long as it’s getting clean, but the way you apply shampoo could be affecting how your hair looks and feels.

Change to only shampooing the scalp if you’re having of these 3 issues:

1. Your hair might look dry

Think of shampoo like soap. Overuse of soap can lead to dry hands, just like overuse of shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it look dry. Since your ends are already the driest part, they need far less shampoo. 

2. Your scalp feels extra dirty all the time

You might need extra scalp scrubbing! Your scalp is where your natural oils are produced and where product build-up happens. That’s why it’s important to apply shampoo to the roots and focus your scrubbing there.

3. Your ends look extra dry when you concentrate on them 

Applying shampoo to your scalp doesn’t mean your ends won’t get washed, they just don’t need as much shampoo as your roots do. Apply the shampoo to the root, scrub and then let it wash over the hair as you rinse it out. This way you can wash out any build-up on the ends without over-shampooing. 

Remember: you know your hair

For some redheads, shampooing their whole head is what works best for them and their hair. If that’s what works do it, but if you’re suffering from dry ends and wondering why, give this method a try. 

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