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Setting the Record Straight about Sunscreen

As redheads, we all know how that the use of sunscreen is inscribed in our everyday thoughts. Every redhead should have sunscreen in their makeup, lotion and even apply real sunscreen when out in the sun. Although, there are so many scientific discoveries we hear about; is sunscreen protecting us from skin cancer? Which rays do we need to protect our skin from? How frequently should we apply?

What is the real truth?

We once again sat down with Dr. Leslie Baumann and she set the record straight about the use of sunscreen:

1. Apply the proper amount: Dr. Baumann, “People do not use enough sunscreen.  Studies show they only use 25% of the proper amount.” Follow the instructions in the back of your sunscreen bottle and apply frequently.

2.UVB & UVA:  “Some sunscreens only cover UVB.  UVA is very harmful because it penetrates deeper than UVB.  It does not make you red so you do not know to go in the sun.  Many dermatologists believe that people in the past did not sue broad spectrum sunscreen and they had a false sense of security so they stayed in the sun longer and had increased damage.  That led to an increase in skin cancer.  It is important to look for a broad spectrum sunscreen that covers UVA and UVB,” says Dr. Baumann.

3.Infrared Rays: “New evidence shows that Infrared rays, which are not blocked by sunscreen, can cause damage to skin cells,” said Dr. Leslie Baumann, “so again, increased sun exposure leads to skin cancer even if you wear sunscreen.”

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