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September 2019 H2BAR Box Review

There isn't a better way to start Redhead Season than with some great ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved products!

For us redheads, we get so excited when fall arrives. It’s officially Redhead Season! The leaves begin to change into many different shades of colors that are very similar to our red hair. There isn’t a better way to start Redhead Season than with some great ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved products!

Keep scrolling to see what each monthly subscriber received:

1. Dr.’s Remedy Noble Navy Nail Polish ($17)

This was a super score in my subscription box this month. As the weather changes, we tend to lean into darker colors, especially on our nails and toes. Packed with garlic bulb extract, tea tree oil, and Vitamin C & E to keep your nails healthy all season long.

2. Belli Skincare Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub ($18)

Your skin can get a little confused as the air and temperatures change drastically from day to day. Although we may notice it on our face and hands first, it is important to remember that the skin on our body is transitioning as well. This gentle exfoliant is full of natural ingredients like papaya, avocado, coconut and shea butter. This combination will get rid of the dead skin cells and nourish the newest layer. It smells wonderful and keeps your skin feeling even better.

3. Tressa Liquid Copper Shampoo ($7)

Experiencing fading red hair from the summer sun? Don’t fret. Sometimes all your red hair needs is a brightening treatment like Tressa’s Liquid Copper Shampoo. This sulfate-free shampoo gives you a nice easy lather to boost your natural hues. Use it by itself, or mix it with your shampoo regularly for a more consistent subtle glow.

4. Vernon Francois Re-Vamp Mid-Length Repair Cream ($33)

Speaking of dull, lifeless hair… I think there are MANY of us that need to get some extra moisture and hydration into our red tresses after all of the damage from summer’s heat. A good repair formula needs to focus on where the problem begins — which is at the root. This extra moisture boost from Vernon Francois (a redhead himself!) gets right at the “root” of the problem by nourishing and repairing your hair leaving it feeling soft, full and flexible.

5. Leven Rose Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($10)

All types of oils are coming into the spotlight when it comes to your face, skin, body and hair. This potent, natural healing oil can help with broken or damaged hair and promote hair growth. In addition to giving your hair a boost, this oil is also helpful to repair skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, scars and dry skin. This oil is packaged in a dark amber bottle to extend its shelf life, keeping it from oxidizing.

*Tip* Add a few drops to your regular after-shower body lotion to give your skin an extra boost of moisture and repair!

6. HUM Nutrition ($5)

Vitamins can be wonders on your skin and hair. There are many of us who have trouble taking pills so gummie vitamins have become very accessible and convenient. These tasty, great textured vitamins are a treat that can help us stay healthy from head to toe…. from the inside out!

7. Mystery Sample ($2)

In my beauty box, I was lucky enough to get two sample packets of the Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner. These delicious-smelling hair products hydrate my hair with coconut, plant protein, and Vitamin B5.

While you are out enjoying the leaves, picking apples, watching football or baking your favorite fall dishes, remember this change in season can come with more challenges to our skin, red hair and nails. Address any issues that come up with the right “redhead-friendly” products!

Rock it like a Redhead!