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Redhead Celebrities

Secrets to Beautifully Balanced Radiant Skin

A recent How to be a Redhead reader asked, “Can anybody tell me how Isla Fisher and Christina Hendricks keep their ivory skin so flawless. Do they have sunblock or makeup secrets?”


Red hair looks impeccable with gorgeous, flawless skin and it is easy to get your skin to look like this too:

1. PREP & CLEANSE: Preparing your skin for the day and for makeup applications is the most important step because your skin must be clean in order for makeup to look its best. Without very clean skin, moisturizers just sit on the surface and dull the complexion.  Cleansing should leave the skin feeling soft and supple, as well as clean and fresh. Purchase products that stem from organic ingredients because sensitive redhead skin can be irritated very easily. And make sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin in the morning and before bed.

Product recommendation: Susan Ciminelli’s Natural Skin Care Products.

2. MAKEUP APPLICATION: It is important to find makeup that is good for your redhead skin. Opt for loose powders and non-oily products. We interviewed Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sherilyn Stetz, who worked on the set of Desperate Housewives for five years and she worked on Marcia Cross who also has gorgeous, ivory skin and said,

“Marcia is [also] a favorite redhead of mine. To begin with, she has absolutely incredible skin. She goes above and beyond to protect her skin from the sun. When I worked on the show [Desperate Housewives], we used Armani Hydra Glow Foundation. It looks luminous on everyone!” 

3. SUNSCREEN: This step is one that every redhead should not skip. It is vital to protect sensitive skin from harmful rays, even if it’s only a quick run to the grocery store. Many women are afraid to use sunscreen on their face because of fear that their skin will break out, but if you choose a non-oily sunscreen with good ingredients, you’ll see great results.

Product Recommendation: Apply sunscreen, but if you want a glow, opt for a sunless tanner. We love St. Tropez Self-Tan Foaming Mousse.

4. DIET: Having a good diet is a secret to good skin because if you’re clean on the inside, it will show on your skin. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, eating lots of vegetables and have a well balanced diet.

Keep beautifully Red!