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Science Says: If You Have Red Hair, Then You’re Related to Julianne Moore

..Well, not just Julianne Moore. You’re also related to every other person who carries the variants of the red hair gene.

A company called ScotlandsDNA claims all people with the red hair gene can be traced back to the first person with that feature; meaning all people with red hair are at least loosely related. And when they say “loosely”, that means very loose. Generational gaps of hundreds of thousands of years typically do not constitute being “related” but you get the point.

The study is claiming every single person who carries one of the variants of the red hair gene is a “direct descendant” of the first person who had it and therefore, all redheads are related.

Many articles are stating all redheads are linked to the comedian, Carrot Top, but we think it’s a lot more fabulous to state that all redheads are related to the talented and beautiful, Julianne Moore. Don’t you think so?

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