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Review of the February ‘Adore Your Red Hair’ H2BAR Box

February is the month of everything beautifully red, including our hair. The H2BAR Box subscribers were certainly treated with some great things this month.

1.Madison Reed Color Reviving Hair Gloss ($29.95):

All of us redheads—natural or “enhanced”—want our hair to be as vibrant as possible. I had found shampoos and conditioners in the past to help hold my color longer or alter it a bit but honestly, they left my hair somewhat dull. I was excited to try this to see if I could get some extra shine in-between trips to the salon. It was nice to be able to just comb it through dry hair and let it do its work. After it was all washed out and I finished styling it, my hair looked wonderful. It was soft, shiny and had a beautiful golden gloss to it.

For those with natural red, I really think you will love the luxurious shine your hair will have after the first use. Definitely, a must buy.

2. H2BAR Custom Makeup Bag ($30):

Makeup bags come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Yet it always seems that when we need something to hold this or that, none of the ones we have work. Not only was this one created just for us, but it holds so many things in so many different sizes. A must have when traveling!

Show your love for your red hair with this custom made makeup bag!

3. LaRitzy Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette ($36):

A dream come true! I have seriously been looking for a good nude eye palette for many years. Some are good, but there always seems to be an issue which leaves it collecting dust in the bottom of my makeup drawer. This palette has everything I want and more. It has various shades, tones and shimmers.

A FABULOUS palette to have for that classy yet classic everyday nude eye look.

4. Amanda Blakley Cleanser ($22.49):

Most redheads have sensitive skin. And because of that, it is really hard for us to find skin care products that won’t cause us breakouts, irritations or redness. This cleanser takes us back to the day when we were just looking for a basic cleanser without nasty chemicals, fragrances, dyes, or additives that give us problems. It is fragrance and allergen free and is pH balanced so our face doesn’t become dry (which we really don’t want this time of year anyway.)

5. Zuii Organics Flora Lipstick ($27.50):

If you are like me, you probably stress when it comes to wearing anything red. I am always afraid no matter what it is—clothes, accessories, shoes or makeup— it is going to be red overkill. Then when I do take a chance with something red, I’m worried it’s the wrong shade! With this lipstick from Zuii, you get the perfect red shade that is a TRUE neutral. It goes with anything, for all skin tones and red hair shades. And did I mention it’s also organic?

A great shade that is also good for your well-being.

6. Homestead Pure Love Face Oil ($7):

Many people think using oil on your face is too much, clogging pores or leaving your face greasy and encouraging acne. The fact is good, pure oil is great for your face! It’s usually the stuff that is mixed with the oil that causes the problems. Homestead’s gives you vitamin E which is a pure oil that aids in healing. Argan and jojoba oils both contain natural vitamin E as well to give you a pure oil.

Pure Love Face Oil not only moisturizes but heals fine lines and helps fight the signs of aging.

7. Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion ($2):

Everyone is fighting dry skin this time of year, especially for us redheads. Although we try to protect ourselves from head to toe, our hands seem to be out in the elements no matter how hard we try to keep them protected.

The perfect size to grab for fast moisturization in a scent that is great for your hands and senses!

In the delightful H2BAR box that came this month, it was wonderful to see it overflowing with love for us redheads. Loaded with products to pamper us from head to toe, this month of love has us feeling fabulous for our red locks. With these items, we have some great new ways to keep us rocking like a redhead!

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