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Review: A Look Inside the May H2BAR Box

By: Sassy Auburn

Hello May!

We are in the middle of one of the most beautiful months on the calendar. Trees are full of green, flowers are blooming in all their glory and the temperatures are beginning to rise.

It is also the beginning of things such as proms, graduations, weddings and vacations. Because of this, the sisters at How to be a Redhead picked the perfect box for May’s H2BAR Subscription Box.

We are always looking for things that are easy to pack when traveling and this month’s box has some awesome items just for that.

Plus, the total box is worth $80!

1. Evolve Beauty’s CLEAR by Jean Seo (@EvolueSkincare), $15 Value:

When the temperature starts to rise, it is not uncommon for the occasional blemish to pop up now and then. Our pores get clogged with sweat and dirt more, especially if we start spending more time outside.

CLEAR is really nice because it targets the problem specifically without having to change your entire skincare routine. This natural acne fighter is packed with 12 herbs as well as organic biodynamic alcohol which is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin.

The fragrance is light and comes only from the herbs of plants. All you need to do is just dot the area, hold the applicator on for 30 seconds, and you’re done! You can do this up to three times each day till the area clears. It won’t dry or irritate the area and is natural for sensitive skinned redheads. Plus the size is small enough to throw into an overnight bag.

But, the best part? It really, really works. Blemishes are gone before you know it…

2. Damone Roberts AM/PM Facial Wipes (@damonerobertsproducts) $29 Value:

I will be the first to say that facial wipes were the greatest thing to ever come on the market. They are easy to use, and come in so many different formulas that you are sure to find one just for you.

These wipes are a little different than the standard cleansing wipes you may have used. This brand actually has an entire skin care system packed into a set of FOUR different wipes. Confusing? Not at all.

In the morning you will use the white packaged wipes –

AM1 is a cleanser for your skin packed with extracts to smooth and calm while promoting the growth of collagen.

The AM2 wipe primes the skin and protects it from free radicals while conditioning and hydrating.

In the evening, you use the two evening wipes –

PM1 removes all dirt, makeup and impurities from the face and eye area while calming the skin after a day out in the elements.

The PM2 wipe prepares your skin for sleep with ingredients to help reduce fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. In addition, it leaves a “barrier” to keep bacteria and oils from forming on the skin.

I literally have six different products in my bathroom that do everything that these wipes do for my face. How awesome is it that you can leave all of those tubes and bottles at home when traveling and just throw these compact wipes in your bag to do it all?

3. BlissKiss Simply Pure Hydrating Oil Pen (@myblisskiss), $7 Value:

I know when spring arrives, I get excited about getting ready to do my own manicures and pedicures. The winter is not usually kind to my cuticles and the skin around my nails. I frequently get hangnails, cuticle tears, and dry nails that break and split. This is the time of year I try to get my fingers (and toes) looking their best to show off the hot nail colors of the season.

The Hydrating Oil Pen is perfect for just that. This little gem is packed with hydrating awesomeness to help you get longer nails with fewer breaks or tears while healing and conditioning your cuticles in the process. I love that I can slip it into my cosmetic bag and have it with me whenever I notice my nail area is getting a little dry. If I do get an unavoidable “nail ouchie”, this little gem can help calm it too.

4. Invisibobble (@Invisibobble), $8 Value – 3 pack:

These little gadgets are awesome. In fact, I have one in my hair right now as I’m typing. It’s hard for me to find hair accessories—especially for ponytails—that don’t pull or tug my red hair, leave a crease, or worse…give me a headache. These don’t do that at all. They have a lot of stretch to them, hold firm but gently, and don’t clash with my clothes or my hair color. I can wear one around my wrist or just toss one in my purse for times when I need to pull my hair back at my job or just get it out of my face. Perfect!

5. Luseta Beauty Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo (@LusetaBeauty) $7 Value – Travel Sized:

Now that I travel frequently, I don’t always have time to pamper myself with a full hair styling session. I’m on the fly and I need to make my hair look lush in just a few minutes. Luseta’s Dry Shampoo takes away any dirty feeling my hair may have and leaves it soft and dry with no greasy residue. Just toss this travel sized can (with a fabulous scent) into your bag and you can keep your hair looking fab without spending a ton of valuable time on it.

6. Nunzio Hair Sheets (@nunzio_nyc) $2 Value:

Speaking of hair, let’s take a minute to talk about those annoying fly-aways. Have you ever felt like a cat that just came out of the dryer without a static-free sheet? UGH! That is not how I want to look right before I go to work or to meet with a potential client. If your hair is cursed with a case of the frizzies, a Nunzio Hair Sheet will be just the right thing to do the trick. All you have to do is rub one sheet along the hairline then onto the unruly pieces of hair and it will calm them right down. Enriched with healthy coconut oil, each individually packaged hair sheet will not only keep the fly-aways in check but also give your gorgeous red hair a healthy shine. The perfect item to have with you just in case.

7. Lotus Rx Shampoo & Conditioner (@LotusRXHair), $10 Value – Sample Packets:

As redheads, we know it isn’t easy to find shampoos and conditioners that are “just right” for our hair. Whether you are a natural redhead or are an “enhanced” redhead, you can find some that are good for this but not for that.

Lotus Rx takes care of all that and more. The shampoo is great because it is totally free of the things our red hair doesn’t like—sulfates, salt, parabens and artificial dyes. What it does have is just what we need—chamomile and nettle that reduces redness and itchiness on the scalp plus a prescription strength dandruff controller that is safe for our hair. Follow that with the Lotus Rx Conditioner for soft, flake-free hair that your red tresses will love! Use the trials to see how awesome it is or keep them to pack for your next overnight.

8. Egyptian Magic (@EgyptianMagic) $2 Value — Sample Packets:

It never fails. You are out and about either doing your errands or on a trip out of town and you get a little “boo boo”. It can be a paper cut, a scratch, a crack in your skin, a bug bite, a slight skin irritation, who knows. But something always seems to happen. It can be cumbersome to carry around tubes or bottles for all of these issues. Or, what is worse, is when something happens and you have nothing.

These little packets of Egyptian Magic can save you. This healing balm is derived from living plants and organisms to treat and heal various skin problems without having to pack a bunch of different products. Made from ingredients like olive oil, honey, and Royal Jelly, this cream is great for so many things at a fraction of the price (if you were to treat each problem with a different product.) As sensitive skinned redheads, it is good for us to have something close by that is 100% natural that can take care of so many different problems when they happen. This is the perfect product to have that can do all of that and more!
I know that when I am not home, I get nervous thinking I may need something that I haven’t packed to take with me. This month’s products are perfect for our red hair, skin and face — especially if you’re a busy person! Throw these ‘Redhead-Friendly’ products in your bag without taking up a ton of space. That way when you are on the go, you will still be able to Rock it like a Redhead!

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