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REVIEW: A Look Inside The April H2BAR Box

A $90 value, and perfect for any redhead!

By: Sassy Auburn 

Redheads, the April H2BAR Box subscription box has arrived.

Wow—talk about being packed with goodies! The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the “What Is Inside” card. I love that.

Many other subscription boxes just give you products without telling you what they are for, how to use them, how to order more or the value. The H2BAR Box gives you ALL of that.. and more and I think that is a fabulous idea.

The box is also valued at $90!

So let’s go through it all and see what we have inside, shall we?

1. NEUMA NeuVolume Surf Lotion (@neumaBeauty):

This is a product that is perfect for the changing seasons. What I really like is that is supposed to be used on dry hair.. not wet! I tend to wash my hair in the evening (to save time in the morning) so a nice texturizing product is perfect for getting a style I like without a ton of work.

It’s not thick, smells great, and is not too sticky. I like to scrunch my hair, and this gave my hair an all-day beachy look. And, an added plus: right on the bottle it says it “helps to sustain colored hair.”

That is perfect for us “enhanced” redheads, or natural redheads looking to keep their color vibrant. The bottle is good sized and is perfect for travel as well.

2. Pūr~lisse Daily Moisturizer, SPF 30 (@purlisse):

I use an anti-aging cosmetic line exclusively, but the one thing I dislike is the moisturizer. So, I am forced to find one that works with my current products, and with my redhead skin.

There are hundreds of moisturizers at every cosmetic counter or drugstore. Not to mention, us redheads are known for having sensitive skin. I would be willing to guess that we couldn’t use more than half of what’s available due to ingredients, fragrances, chemicals or dyes in the product.

Even the moisturizer I loved for almost 10 years was starting to give me problems. The skin changes, and so do your products.

I was happy to see this product in the box and give it a try. I first noticed its scent—barely there. The smell you do get is strictly from specific plant extracts which are so good for your skin. It also contains anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ingredients which keeps your skin calm and young looking.

The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and is perfect for normal to dry skin. And the clincher for me—and probably most redheads—is that fact it has a gentle SPF of 30 so you can use it daily to protect your skin from all the rays…even the incidental sunlight you get through the car windshield and the windows at home or work.

This is the moisturizer-change I need!

3. Timeless Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum (@timelesshaskin):

A lot of people hear the word “acid” and automatically think the word, especially for redheads, means irritation of some kind. It is a scary word.

It’s not that way anymore. Hyaluronic acid is a “fancy name” for a very important ingredient that supports the youthful part of your skin. It stabilizes that skin, protects it, and keeps it constantly renewed with fresh cells. Even better? It has the capacity to attract and HOLD vast amounts of moisture in your skin and replenishes it if your skin is exposed to dry condition.

This product is 100% PURE—no harmful chemicals added to it that could irritate your skin. It glides on like smooth but isn’t greasy.

Just one gram of 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum can hold up to 6 liters of water in your skin! It keeps your skin hydrated the right way which will help retain the natural moisture in your skin as well as help your added moisturizer do its job.

Make this a part of your day and night skin care routine as a prep then apply your moisturizer to keep it in longer, allowing it to give you its benefits.

4. Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Mask (@lusetabeauty):

Winter air and inside heat can REALLY do a damage to our red hair. As the weather outside begins to warm up (slowly!), you may notice your hair has lost its oomph or—even worse for some—has become dry and lifeless. Anyone who knows hair care knows that Argan Oil is one of the best things you can add to your hair.

A little history for you: Argan oil comes from the fruit of a tree in Morocco. It is SO nutritious that animals will climb these trees just to eat them. (Even goats!) The little nut inside that fruit contains the Argan oil. For centuries, people have relied on the oil for its healing properties as well as beauty enhancers. The oil is naturally packed with vitamins A, C and E which are essential in our beauty routine. It also has antioxidants and fatty acids which can help boost the health of your hair.

Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque revitalizes your natural or color-treated red hair, strengthens it and repairs damage from chemical treatments, hair appliances or environmental wreckers. It is easy to use and you only need it once a week to get the soft, silky results you want.

5. Harvey Prince ‘Hello’ Sample (@HarveyPrince):

I like perfume a lot. You could easily tell that from the top of my dresser. Full sizes, minis, even jars full of testers. A lot of people have a “signature scent”. They wear the same one every day. I have no problem with that. If you like it, make it yours.

Me, on the other hand, I wear a perfume depending on my mood. If it is raining, I’ll wear something that is cheery to me to lift my spirits. If I have a fun outfit on, I may wear something more enticing.

At work, I wear fragrances that are very mild so I don’t annoy anyone (who may be sensitive to scents, like redheads are!)

‘Hello’ is a GREAT spring scent that I fell in love with the second I put it on. Its top notes are my favorite—lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. Mid notes are a very light floral of forsythia which is an early spring flower. The base note is plumeria which are abundant in Hawaii. Basically, the combination of all these scents just screams happiness, a bright day, a fresh start and of course the spring season.

I am looking forward to making a purchase of this in a full sized bottle…it’s right up my alley.

6. White Girl Sunscreen Packet (@whitegirlsunscreen):

Redheads and sunscreen go together like peanut butter and jelly. We all know that hundreds of people per hour are diagnosed with some type of skin cancer.  Redheads are more susceptible to it than most others. This is not a big sample but it is the PERFECT size to slip into your wallet or purse if you find yourself caught outside and need a little something to keep those harmful rays at bay. Don’t hesitate to use it where your skin is most sensitive: face, neck, hands or even the tops of your feet in sandal weather.

Want a FREE sample with FREE shipping? Head here and use code: REDHEAD at checkout! 

7. Skinny Tan Self Tanner (@skinnytanusa):

Let me be brutally honest here: self-tanners and I have never gotten along. I am such a pale redhead that I feel like any self-tanner—even thinned out with a regular moisture—leaves me looking orange, uneven and just not me.

I would like a “soft” glow but don’t want to break out a bikini and an SPF of 70 just to hope for the best. I know a self-tanner would be the best option, but my luck with them has not been good. When I saw this product in the H2BAR box, I felt a little hopeful.

The first thing I noticed was the scent—it was AMAZING! A nice light coconut/beachy scent without the smell of harsh or fake chemicals. I tested it on the inside of my forearm since that is where my skin tone is closest to its natural shade of my face. The self tanner is a natural-colored cream that blended easily into my skin. I had no problem with the scent or formula and my skin loved it too.

I liked the fact I could “adjust” how glowing I wanted to be.  Some people apply self-tanners like a body moisturizer?—yeah, definitely don’t do that. Remember…LESS IS MORE! And even if you find that Skinny’s can be a tad too much for your pale, redheaded skin, I have found that you can always mix it ½ and ½ with one part Skinny Tan Self Tanner and one part unscented body moisturizer. Once you get a slight glowing base, you can use it alone. And, oh did I mention less is more? Build it up to the shade you want then use it only once a week to maintain the lustrous glow you’ve achieved.

Tip: Make sure you read the instruction card in the H2BAR box before using.

What a perfect H2BAR subscription box this April! Just opening it up and testing everything makes me happy that flowers will be blooming and temperatures will be warming up in no time. The items in the April box will not only help you with the transitioning seasons, but also prepare you for changes in your skin and hair. You will be glowing, hydrated, creating some great new hair styles and smelling fabulous.

Rock It like a Redhead!

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