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Redheads: What to Expect When You're Getting a Skin-Cancer Screening

There are plenty of things we all know we are suppose to do for our health that we skip: going to the gym and applying sunscreen is just a few. But, for redheads in particular, a skin-cancer screening should not be one of them. Melanoma is on the rise and it’s the most common cancer for ages 25- to 29-year-olds. On top of that, redheads are more prone to melanoma than any other hair color. It’s shocking, but it has been proven that redheads are more prone to getting melanoma even if they’re not in the sun. That’s why it’s extra important to get skin-cancer screenings and take the precautions to stay extra safe in the sun.

Since it is Melanoma Awareness Month, we asked Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, Debra Jaliman MD, to tell us what exactly goes on when you get a skin cancer screening. “The appointment will be quick and painless,” says Jaliman.

Basic Paperwork: When you go to a skin cancer screening you will have to fill out a paper with some basic information about yourself and your family history and sign a consent for the screening.

The Entire Test is Only About 15 Minutes: They will ask you to put on a paper gown and a board certified dermatologist will look at your skin. Jaliman said, “They will mark the form and also tell you if they see any suspicious spots so you can take a copy of this form to the dermatologist of your choice. No biopsies will be performed but on the form it will state if they recommend a biopsy.”

Importance of Sunscreen: The dermatologist will inform you about the importance of sunscreen. “Most likely you will be given samples of sunscreen, if not, make sure to ask,”says Jaliman.

Stay sun safe & Rock it like a Redhead!