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Carmina Alvarez

Redheads: Fabulous Glam Nails in 7 Easy Steps

By: Carmina Alavarez

We are all busy redheads. We have our careers, families and numerous activities. All women know that the number one thing that makes a look complete is well manicured nails. But, sometimes, waiting for nail polish to dry may seem like an eternity and if we do it in a rush, we run the risk of ruining the manicure. Luckily, the perfect solution for gorgeous and professional looking manicure is here: the famous Nail Polish Appliqués.

This trend has become so popular that almost every big nail polish brand has an appliqués line. They are specially cut and designed in a nail form, so they can fit the curve of your nails perfectly. They fit on long or short nails, and have a very light nail polish smell.Remember, this aren’t stickers, this are made with super thin layers of nail polish and once applied, look like a professional manicure at its best. And, one of the many perks of appliqués is that they are water-proof and last up to 7 days without peeling or chipping.

There is no more need for base coat and top coat. It’s a simple easy process with fantastic results and the colors and designs aren’t boring either. At How to be a Redhead’s Rock it like a Redhead event in New York City on March 16, 2013, one of the sponsors hosted a nail polish appliqué booth. Redheads had the opportunity to choose colors based on their red hair and/or personality! 

Here are the quick steps to walk you through the appliqués process:

What you need:

Buffer Block.

A Nail File.

A Top Coat (optional)

It’s very easy and it won’t take much time.

Step 1:  Remove any polish on your nails.  Wash and dry your nails.

Step 2: Buff your nails with the Buffer Block, to get a smoother and clean surface.

Step 3: Select the appliqué that fits each nail according to size.

Step 4: Place the appliqué on your nail, from the cuticle to the edge of your nail.

Step 5: Press softly to ensure the appliqué perfectly sticks to your nail.

Step 6: Fold the excess of your appliqué and file it, to get the perfect nail shape.

Step 7 (Optional) : Apply a thin layer of Top Coat, to get a glossy finish.

Wondering how to remove the appliqués when you are ready for a new look? Regular nail polish remover!

Rock it like a Redhead!