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How to be a Redhead Turns 7: The 7 Best Moments of All Time

Adrienne & Stephanie talk about their favorite moments since the launch in 2011

Today: How to be a Redhead Turns 7 years old!

It’s hard to believe seven years ago was born. As many of you know, it all started with a small blog, which turned into a website, and now a brand. This past year, 2017, has been our biggest year yet. With roughly 1,000,000 unique hits per month, over 150,000+ social media followers, the “How to be a Redhead” book released in 2016, a successful 12 city book tour with our partner, Paul Mitchell… and now this NEW website.

Thank you from the bottom of our hears! Let’s take a look down memory lane. The top 7 moments since our launch in 2011:

1. This website 

Since 2011, we have probably had 7-8 website designs. Every year, we are excited to change it but always had the dream to create a site that perfectly describes us. This is finally it! We’re so excited to launch on our birthday. The site is now easier to navigate, easier to share with social media friends & easier to find ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved products and information.

(Sorry if you are seeing any tiny glitches on your end, we’re still fixing minor details). 

2. H2BAR’s social media followers 

We do not take a single follower for granted! We love reading comments on posts and excited to have a community of strong, powerful redheads.

3. The H2BAR Box 

When we first launched 7 years ago, we spoke about sending “red beauty boxes” to redheads’ doorstep. But, subscription boxes were just getting popular. Birchbox had only launched 4 months before H2BAR! After the 2015 5-city Rock it like a Redhead beauty tour, redheads started asking us to ship swag bags to them because they couldn’t attend an event. A light bulb went off in our head — start a subscription box for redheads. So, it was launched at the Seattle 2015 Rock it like a Redhead event and it has been sold out (and growing) ever since.

Subscribe to the February H2BAR Box now and get a FREE makeup bag

4. The “How to be a Redhead” Book 

The release of the world’s 1st-ever beauty book for redheads, on April 12, 2016, was a beautiful day! Redheads are now represented in beauty sections at book stores. Get your copy here. 

5. The 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour & The “How to be a Redhead” 2016 book tour 

In 2 years, we traveled to 18 cities to meet H2BAR’s followers. It was awesome to meet everyone and see their excitement!

Where should we travel to in 2018/2019?

6. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Annual Love Your Red Hair Day 

November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day! Each year it has trended on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! It was created by H2BAR to remind redheads everywhere to love and appreciate their hair.

7. Weekly redhead beauty tutorials 

Ever redhead we met from 2011-2016 asked us, “Can you please do simple tutorials for redheads?” We’re so happy to release them weekly!

In 2018, we have SO many more things planned. We can’t wait to tell you! Thank you for following us and for your unwavering support. We love all of you. Rock it like a Redhead!