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Pictures of Baby Redhead Triplets Goes Viral

Cassandra English, a New Zealand photographer and owner of Hazel&Cass Photography, specializes in the art of newborn and baby portraiture. We had the pleasure of chatting with English on her recent redhead triplet shoot that went viral, her work and family.

First things first, English is a mom to two redheads herself, Hazel (3 years old) and George (5 months).

“I love having two beautiful redheaded children! They are the best thing I have ever done. Hazel was the reason I actually went to newborn photography full time,” says English. “Hence her name is such a big part of the business. George is only 5 months old, but has brought so much love into our lives I didn’t think it was possible.”

Pictured Above: Cassandra English’s daughter, Hazel 

Her newborn photography work has become quite popular on the internet. She shares on her Facebook page, “Newborns are pure, soulful, honest and innocent. They know nothing of hate, heartache and sadness. Only love. This is what I aim to capture in my tiny clients.”
A recent shoot of English’s with redhead triplets went viral, making thousands go “aw” around the world. She says the triplets, Macy, Toby and Sadie, behaved beautifully throughout the quick three-and-a-half hour shoot.
“Shooting the triplets was amazing. Lucky to be doing it was probably the strongest feelings. For the weeks before though, you have massive butterflies! No matter how often you do multiples, you never quite know how it’s going to go until the day. But like most things, preparation is key.”
The babies look so happy and peaceful together in each other’s arms. We’re guessing the parents of these triples have a super strong redhead gene too:

Photoshoot filmed by Emma Smart.

When asked how it feels to shoot newborns on a frequent basis, English says that each shoot is an honor.
“I get to capture the very first moments of some of the newest people in the world. The families get to keep these moments for what I hope to be generations,” she says. “You also secretly get a bit clucky during and after a session.  I genuinely feel a profound closeness with the family.  I have done hundreds of shoots and I very rarely forget a babies name or personality. It just becomes a part of you.”
Rock it like a Redhead!