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Jessie Harbin

5 Tips on How Redheads Can Avoid A Meltdown

By: Jessie Harbin

Confession: I sweat like a teenage boy. I dread all these summer weddings and events because 30 minutes in and I’m going to look like I fell in a pool. Photos are the worst: You think you look cute and then a photo turns up on Facebook and you have armpit, boob–or even worse–butt sweat. In order to still be social, I have a small arsenal of products and tricks (including one Urban Decay that you can only get on the black market that is eBay):

1. Layer your clothes:

I know it sounds counter productive, but if I wear some light Spanx or Spanx-like shorts under my dresses, it absorbs some of the sweat on the small of your back and other unladylike places. My favorite is a pair I got from Walmart. They’re basically bike shorts that offer very little sucking in but keep my dresses and skirts from sticking to my legs.

2. Certain Dri:

Certain Dri is a maximum strength antiperspirant deodorant. You put it on at night and then use your regular deodorant the next morning. You can also put this under your boobs

Note: If you use this immediately after you shave, you will regret it. It burns incredibly bad.

3. Dry Shampoo:

I probably keep a portion of my favorite ‘redhead friendly’ dry shampoo industry alive. The best thing about this is that you can get the travel size bottles (I tend to hoard them) and keep one in your purse during events.

4. Drink hot coffee:

..Or something hot, like tea or hot water and lemon. I lived in Panama for a while in college doing mission work. The locals told us that they kept cool by drinking hot coffee. If you raise your body temperature enough that there isn’t as much of a difference between you and the air, then you’ll sweat less. Weird, I know, but it works.

5. Mattifying gels, sprays and creams:

Untitled #49


It’s important to invest in oil control makeup products.

Of all the anti-oil products I’ve tried–and there have been a lot of them–Urban Decay by far has the best. Their entire line of De-Slick makeup products work wonders. Each item helps to decrease the amount of oil on the face, while making the skin look beautiful.

If you’re really desperate, there is the discontinued gel version of De-Slick that you can find on eBay. I have a travel sized tube of their setting spray earmarked for my wedding. If you don’t feel like shelling out the $50 for Urban Decay, there is a Hard Candy Oil Control Makeup Setting Powder at Walmart for about $6. I use that during the week and save my expensive stuff for events.

Rock it like a Redhead! 
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